He’s back!

For those of you that did not know, Jeff Liddle our senior sign consultant, had been off of work after needing emergency surgery. Here is what Jeff had to say:

“I am glad to be back to work after what seemed like too long of an absence.  On April 24th I went to the walk in clinic with abdominal pain which I thought was flu related.  After going through a battery of tests including a CT scan they discovered I had a blockage in my system.  They performed immediate surgery, during the surgery they removed 4” of my small intestine, my appendix and through this process they discovered I have Chrons Disease.  I was out of work for almost 4 weeks, 9 of the days were spent in the hospital and the remainder at home recovering.  I am now almost fully recovered with the surgery and am now in the process of learning more about Chrons Disease and treatment options.  I sincerely thank my Flyway Signs & Lighting family, my BNI group & customers for all the well wishes throughout the recovery process.”

We are so glad Jeff is back to work! Be sure to say Hi to Jeff if you see him!


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