It’s time to do some Spring Cleaning!

You and your sign have been through some extreme weather conditions this winter. From sleet and snow to hail and strong winds, Mother Nature has not been kind. Although your sign is designed to hold up in almost any condition, regular maintenance is necessary to keep it looking its best. It has been a long winter, but as the weather is becoming more reasonable and less treacherous, now is a great time to do some Spring Cleaning!

Outlet Mall
A simple sign cleaning or restoration can make a world of difference to
the appearance of your signage. Customers who pass your business make assumptions about your products and services based solely on your signage. It may even impact their decision to stop in or just keep going. Shiny, clean sign faces and fully lit signs send the welcoming message that customers look for.

I encourage you to take a good look at all of
your signs and ask yourself the following questions:   


   Does my signage represent my business the way I want it to?
   Has the bright sign that was first installed become a little dingy?
   Is my sign dim or even not lighting at all? 

If it’s time for a little Spring Cleaning. Flyway Signs & Lighting Service will gladly spruce up your sign. Call us today at (920)921-7181 to book our crew for a complete cleaning of your sign!



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